Host an Avaya Conference on Brightcove Live

In this topic, you will learn how to stream an Avaya conference or webinar on Brightcove Live.


Avaya Rooms Systems is a video conferencing application that allows you to meet with other people online. To reach a larger audience, you can leverage Brightcove Live to stream your meeting for others to see.


Follow these steps to host a meeting to Brightcove Live:

  1. In Studio, create a live event using the Live module.
  2. Once you create the Live event, copy the Streaming RTMP URL and Streaming Key from the Control Room panel.
    • Streaming RTMP URL - Streaming Endpoint URL (You can find the endpoint URL in the Brightcove Live Control Room
    • Streaming Key - Stream Name (In Brightcove, the Stream Name is always "alive")
  3. Publish and Embed the player for this Live event in your website/intranet page, and note the page URL.

Configure the Streaming Session

With the Streaming RTMP URL and Streaming Key you must configure them on the Avaya Codec Unit.

  1. In the Avaya GUI, go to CONFIGURE > STREAMING.

    (Optional) In the Avaya website, go to ADMINISTRATOR SETTINGS > UTILITIES > STREAMING.

  2. Insert your Streaming RTMP URL.
  3. Insert your Streaming Key.

Start/Stop the Streaming Session

To start or stop the streaming session, follow these steps:

  2. Click the Streaming button. This will start the live stream.
  3. The RTMP Streaming is enabled by default. To disable it, in the Avaya platform go to CONFIGURE > ADVANCED > UTILITIES > STREAMING.