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    Auto Start/Stop of Live Events with Static Entry Points

    This feature allows the user to schedule and manage the start and stop time of one or many Live Job events.


    In order to schedule events a SEP (Static Entry Point) type of Live event must be created.

    Recommendations and Best Practices

    For best results, please follow the directions below.

    1. Six pending activations can be scheduled at a time. If more are needed, please contact customer support.
    2. Once the SEP is activated, the default Maximum waiting time is still valid (see Live API: Static Entry Points for more information).
    3. Note that the limitations described in the Static Entry Points are still valid.

    Scheduling Panel in the Control Room

    If a Live account is enabled for Auto Start/Stop, a Scheduling panel will be available on the top right corner of the control room, under the preview player.

    To use Auto Start/Stop, follow the instructions below:

    1. In the Live module, create a new Live event with a Static Entry Point or visit a previously created one.
    2. In the Control Room, a new panel named Scheduling is going to be available. Click + Add Schedule to create a new auto activation and deactivation.
    3. Modify the start and end dates to the desired activation and deactivation, respectively.
    4. To create a second schedule, click again the + Add Schedule button. The + Add Schedule button will be automatically disabled when the limit of pending activations is reached.
    5. To delete a schedule, click the icon.

    Viewing Upcoming Activations

    1. Once scheduled activations are created, you can view them in the Manage Events > Standby tab. The next upcoming Start and Stop dates are shown under the Upcoming title.
    2. The Show select box allows you to display only scheduled events.
    3. Once an event starts will be displayed on the Live tab, and the Start time will be disabled.

    Page last updated on 12 Apr 2021