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    Live DRM

    In this topic, you will learn how to enable content protection for your live stream.

    Enabling DRM for Live content

    To enable DRM for your Live content follow these steps:

    1. In ADVANCED OPTIONS > Content Encryption. Select Digital Rights Management(DRM) from the Encryption dropdown.
    2. An additional Token Expiration option will appear, allowing you to select the time in seconds with a minimum expiration time frame of 900 seconds and a maximum of 2592000 seconds (the last equal to 30 days).
    3. In the Event Information Panel, you will be able to see the DRM URLs for Fairplay and Widevine.
    4. To publish a DRM-enabled event, click Publish and Embed > Player Configuration in the left navigation.
      • In Live Player Options, select a DRM enabled player. (For Live DRM playback you will need to select or create a DRM enabled player v6.37.1 or greater).
      • If you don’t have a DRM player available, go to the Player Module > Select or Create a Player > Playback in the left navigation. Select the “Enable DRM” option. (The Player for Live DRM playback has to be v6.37.1 or greater).
    5. Back in the Live module, you will be able to select your DRM enabled player and Publish your DRM event.

    Page last updated on 25 Feb 2021